How to Test Emergency Lights: Ensuring Safety and Reliability

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Emergency lights play a crucial role in maintaining safety during power outages or emergencies by providing essential illumination. Whether in commercial buildings, residential spaces, or industrial facilities, these lights ensure that occupants can navigate to safety effectively. Regular testing and maintenance are essential to ensure their functionality when needed most. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore in detail how to test emergency lights, including specific methods for different types of emergency lighting systems.

Importance of Testing Emergency Lights

Emergency lights, including emergency exit lights with battery backup, Emergency Exit Signs, and portable emergency lights for home use, serve several critical functions:

Safety During Power Failures: They provide immediate and adequate lighting when normal lighting fails, enabling safe evacuation and movement.

Guidance and Compliance:Emergency exit signs with battery backups and properly functioning emergency lights ensure clear guidance to exits, complying with safety regulations and building codes.

Operational Readiness: Regular testing ensures that emergency lights are fully operational when needed, reducing risks during emergencies.

Types of Emergency Lights

Understanding the different types of emergency lights helps in tailoring testing procedures to ensure their optimal performance:

Emergency Exit Signs: These signs are typically illuminated with energy-efficient LEDs and are installed in prominent locations to indicate exit paths clearly.

Emergency Lights with Battery Backup: Integral to building safety systems, these lights activate automatically during power outages, powered by rechargeable batteries.

Portable Emergency Lights: Ideal for homes and smaller facilities, these lights provide temporary illumination during localized power failures or emergencies.

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Testing Procedures

Monthly Functional Test

Performing monthly functional tests helps ensure the immediate readiness of emergency lights:

Procedure: Press the test button on each emergency light or exit sign to activate the backup power source.

Purpose: Verifies functionality and confirms that the light illuminates as expected, indicating proper battery charging and bulb operation.

Annual Full Duration Test

Conducting an annual full duration test ensures emergency lights meet regulatory requirements:

Procedure: Simulate a power outage by disconnecting the main power supply to emergency lights.

Purpose: Validates that emergency lights remain illuminated for the specified duration (typically 90 minutes) without significant dimming or failure, ensuring adequate time for safe evacuation.

Visual Inspection and Maintenance

Regular visual inspections are crucial for maintaining emergency lights in optimal condition:

Procedure: Inspect emergency lights for physical damage, signs of corrosion, or discolored lenses.

Purpose: Identifies potential issues early, allowing for prompt repairs or replacements to ensure continuous reliability.

Emergency Exit Sign

Specific Testing Tips for Different Types of Emergency Lights

Each type of emergency light requires specific testing procedures to ensure reliable operation:

Emergency Exit Signs: Verify visibility from various angles and distances, ensuring letters and symbols are illuminated clearly and remain visible during emergencies.

Battery Backup Lights: Monitor battery charging indicators to ensure proper function and longevity. Replace batteries according to manufacturer recommendations to maintain reliable backup power.

Portable Emergency Lights: Test rechargeable batteries by fully charging them and verifying the duration of illumination. Ensure portability and ease of use during emergencies.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Regular maintenance is essential for extending the lifespan and reliability of emergency lights:

Cleaning and Inspection: Clean lenses, reflectors, and housing regularly to maximize light output and ensure clear visibility.

Bulb Replacement: Replace bulbs or LEDs promptly if they are dim or burned out to maintain consistent illumination levels.

Troubleshooting: If emergency lights fail during testing, refer to the manufacturer's manual for troubleshooting steps. Contacting a qualified technician may be necessary for complex issues or system failures.

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common problem

Frequently Asked Questions about Exit Light Combos

Q:What is the difference between a standard exit sign and an exit light?

A:An exit sign does not have emergency light lamps. As for the combo exit signs, they serve as a 2 in 1 unit. Exit Lights are designed to serve as an Exit Sign and an Emergency Light.

Q:Are the emergency lights dimmable on a combo exit sign?

A:The lights on the combo exit signs are not dimmable, they are set at a max brightness to allow the best possbile illumination.

Q:Are the emergency lights adjustable on a combo exit sign?

A:Yes, the lamps on the combo exit signs are fully adjustable. They are designed to rotate a full 360°.

Q:On a exit sign combo, are the lights on at all times along with the word EXIT?

A:No, the emergency lights will only turn on in case of a power outage. Once the power is restored, the lights will turn off, however, the word EXIT will remain on.

Q:Can a combo exit sign replace an exisiting emergency light?

A:There are many scenarios where a combo exit sign can replace an emergency light, however, we suggesting getting in contact with your local fire marshal or city inspector for your local requirements.

emergency exit lights with battery backup

Emergency Exit Sign

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