LED Emergency Driver

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LED Emergency Driver are designed to convert light fixtures that require a driver to operate into emergency lighting. They work the same as a regular driver but instead of running on line voltage they run off battery power in case of a disruption in mains power.

When shopping for an LED emergency driver, it’s important to consider the IP and UL class rating of the device. The first digit in the rating indicates protection against solid objects and the second identifies the level of protection from temporary immersion in water. Facilities with damp or dusty environments may require a higher IP rating.

You’ll also want to check the wattage of your fixture and select an LED emergency driver with a higher maximum wattage than the total wattage of the light you’re pairing it with for smooth operation. Most LED emergency drivers are dimmable but some have a minimum operational brightness to meet code requirements.

LED Emergency Driver

What Is Emergency Driver Battery?

An emergency backup LED driver is used to power LED lighting fixtures in an emergency situation. When the fixture is switched to emergency mode the backup LED driver will step in and provide constant wattage power directly to the LED arrays for up to 90 minutes.

Typically, the backup driver will be powered by nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries, although other chemistries can also be used. NiCd is highly toxic and contains cadmium which is one of 6 substances banned under the RoHS Directive, but it is still commonly used in stand-alone emergency light fittings such as twinspots and in conversion kits to turn standard lights into emergency light fixtures.

Alternatives such as Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) are environmentally friendly and do not contain cadmium. However, they have lower storage capacity and their performance declines faster than NiCd, requiring them to be replaced much sooner.Emergency Driver Battery

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) is another good choice for emergency battery backup as it offers excellent power density and a long lifespan. It does not contain harmful lead, mercury or nickel which can contaminate drinking water and is safe to handle.

It is important that the output voltage of an LED emergency backup driver matches the input voltage of the LED fixture being backed up. This can be confirmed by looking at the specification sheet for the fixture or checking with the manufacturer. In some cases, an IP rating may be required if the fixture is going to be installed in a wet or dusty/dirty environment, so check this as well.

LED Emergency Driver

Emergency Driver

Emergency Driver Battery



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